High Performance: CADR: 70cfm (120m³/h), Effective Range: 150~180 ft² (13.5~16.2㎡) , Air Changes 4-5 Times Per Hour in a 180 Sq.ft Room
360° Filtration for Indoor Air: TD-1300 Runs with an Patened Air Fan, Traping All the Airborne Particles by 360 Degrees, and Removing 99.97% of the Contaminants
True Hepa 4-Stage H13 Filter: Removes 99.97% of Airborne Pollutant Partcles As Tiny As 0.3 Micron: ① Pre-filter [captures hairs, furs and pet dander] ② True HEPA Filter [removes smoke, dust, pollen] ③ Activated-Carbon Filter [eliminates odor, smell] ④ Protective Net Filter [The Filter Usually Lasts for More than 6 Months]
Elegant Design: 3-Speed Fan Touch-Panel, Sleep Mode Creates 25dB Noise Only, 2-4-8H Timmer Preset, Filter Replacement Indicator, Decorative Look, 7-Colored Display Lights
Package Includes: 1 x Air Purifier , 1 x Hepa Filter , 1 x Customer Manual ; To Replace the Hepa Air Filter for TD-1300 Air Purifier
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