• Ease of Use: Brew a cup of coffee simply by one-touch offers ease of use without a great deal of control over variables that will influence the brew, ensures flavour of coffee,  they'll heat the water and brew the coffee in a very hands-off manner. If you’re looking for a no-frills machine that’s straight forward and consistent.
  • Portable Size : Mini sized coffee brewer is ideal for a dorm room or small kitchen with its small footprint. It brews a full pot (four cups maximum) more quickly than larger-capacity devices, This stunning coffee maker has a modern design that will stand out on any countertop.
  • Easy to Clean: This coffee maker comes with a glass carafe, which is lightweight and easy to clean thanks to wide openings and being dishwasher safe. And the removable water reservoir make it use to refill and clean.
  • Heating Plate &Automatic Shut Off: After brewing, the hot plate automatically activates to keep your carafe of precious bean juice warm. Then 20mins later, it shuts off, a handy safety feature to avoid burning the carafe dry.
  • Reusable Filer: The Brewer comes with a permanent filter, which is a more eco-friendly option. In addition, opting for a reusable filter means that’s one less item to remember to toss into your grocery cart on a regular basis.
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