TD-8515 (Brown)

  • Convenient to Use: With a simple but durable structure, you can totally operate the small humidifiers with one hand, handle design and wide opening 3.5-inch wide opening make it easier to refill&clean , dial knob makes it easier to control the mist.
  • Quiet Operate for Bedroom Use: Thanks to its noise reduction technology, efficiently reduce the bauble noise produced when it works. The whole-house humidifier generates only 30dB when it’s running at its highest speed. You can enjoy an undisturbed sleep and an ideal moisture level in your home.
  • Must Have for Home: Air humidifiers distribute an invisible mist (<5μm), keep your room at an ideal humidity level. suitable for baby and kids use, give them a healthier environment to live in.
  • Powerful Performance: TD-8515 room humidifiers are easy-to-use and affordable but still powerful for cutting down on dry air. Use high-frequency vibration with quiet fans to produce a fine mist without wetting the floor or table. With the highest mode 220ml/h output can wet the whole house within minutes, refilling water one time, continuous 22 hours of operation.
  • Buy with Confidence: Tredy humidifiers will automatically shut off when run out of water, no more worry about dry running when you are sleeping, and our humidifiers are made of PP materials, which is considered the safest plastic on the market. It is not infamous for leaching dangerous substances,Safe enough for the whole home use.
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